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Branislav Ivanovic's agent confident of new Chelsea contract despite Internazionale rumors

Happier days.
Happier days.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Remember when everything was Branislav Ivanović's fault?  Those were simpler times, the dog days of summer.  All we had to do was drop the newly minted vice captain, and suddenly all our problems would magically disappear.  Mourinho was stubborn of course, because he's Mourinho and he thinks he, like, knows it all, or something, and he didn't actually drop the right back until he had to, when injury struck.  The 31-year-old has missed Chelsea's last 7 matches, of which we won just 2 and lost 4.  Nothing's simple in football.

Lost a bit in all that noise has been the fact that Ivanović's contract expires this summer.  As per club policy, any new contract that we'd offer would only be of the one-year extension variety, so rumors of a move elsewhere have started popping up even as early as last spring.  Most recently, Internazionale have been linked, though not all that seriously considering the player's poor form and injury issues.  Now that he's back (and joined up with the Serbian national team), the rumors will surely intensify.  Here's what his agent is expecting.

It will be most intriguing how Chelsea handle not just Ivanovic's but John Terry's expiring contract, too.  Vice-captain and captain, both could be gone in 6 months.  If we're truly looking for a clean break with the past, to hit reset and start over as this season's results so far would indicate that we perhaps should, maybe it is time to let them go.  Add in the uncertainty over Mourinho's job, and we could certainly be looking at some interesting times ahead.

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