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Filipe Luis looks back on his Chelsea adventure, comments on Mourinho's "absurd" yet "normal" methods

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Filipe Luis has always come across as a true professional during his short one-year at with Chelsea, from his introductory interview with Chelsea TV, to never making a fuss in public about not being first-choice, to now, not holding  a grudge against the club or Mourinho.

"I consider my time with Chelsea a personal triumph. In one year I won two titles - one being the Premier League. I have a trophy at home that not many people have and in possibly the most competitive league in the world."

"Every day, after every training session and every match, I went home satisfied knowing that I had done my best."

-source: Yahoo

The left back may be back in Spain now, but he's obviously tuned in to what's happening at Chelsea this year.  Plus, it's not like Mourinho's often out of the headlines even in Spain.  And while he could easily dish out a scathing critique of the man who didn't play him that often when Guillem Balague asks the inevitable Mourinho question, Filipe once again gives a balanced and professional answer.

"Sometimes he's right and sometimes he's not. Sometimes people think what he says is absurd and sometimes they agree with him. It's the way he is and the way he works - I see it as normal."

"He has his way of talking to the press, especially when the team loses, which can sometimes be damaging to certain players. Some players benefit from criticism but for others they don't."

-source: Yahoo

Well, one thing's for sure.  With such mild takes, Filipe Luis will never make it in the punditry business.

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