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Juventus looking to buy Brazilian midfielder from Chelsea... again

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In a situation that resembles Chelsea's current struggles, Italian giants Juventus also had a bad start to their 2015-16 season, amassing losses that put the club near relegation zone until a recent hot streak which saw the club climb from 15th to 7th place in a three-week span. The Blues hadn't had the same luck though, and so the Old Lady want to use our bad fortunes to their benefit as they look to pounce Brazilian attacking midfielder Oscar from the club, according to Italian outlet Tuttosport.

Tuttosport claims that Juventus, despite their early struggles in the league, are still hoping to get their 3rd consecutive Serie A title -- or at the very least a Champions League berth through preliminaries. Meanwhile, Chelsea's chances of reaching the continental competition are quite slim, and Juve might use that as a tool to attract Oscar to Italy.

Juventus wouldn't be able to sign Oscar in the January transfer window due to Italian clubs transfer window rules on buying non-EU players, with Juventus filling their quota in the last one. Still, the Italian club are looking to lay the foundations for a possible Oscar transfer in the future, believing that €40 million would be enough to convince Chelsea to sell the player in the next summer, especially if the club misses out on Champions League football.

Oscar's place at the club under José Mourinho doesn't seem to be as safe as it once was. Two years ago, the manager backed him up as his chosen #10, preferred over both Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne for the spot. But not only did he get unceremoniously dropped and left behind on a couple occasions this season, he's even been recently shifted to the left wing while Eden Hazard took over as the central attacking midfielder.  While that's a testament to Oscar's versatility, hard work, and qualities in linking defense with attack, it's not exactly an ideal arrangement at the moment.

Still, with the Bianconeri also looking to buy another Chelsea player in the near future, perhaps we could also lay the foundations for one of their star players as well. Should be a fair trade, I presume.

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