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Moupocalypse Now: Brendan Rodgers school hunting; Ancelotti food hunting; Emenalo job hunting?

Plus, words of support from none other than Sven-Göran Eriksson.

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No, it's YOUR fault, Sunglasses Man.
No, it's YOUR fault, Sunglasses Man.
Martin Stoever/Getty Images

After a busy night of movie-watching and rumor-making on Monday, the Moupocalypse took a more conventional turn on Tuesday, with action up and down Londontown, as one out-of-job manager scouted some schools, another out-of-job manager scouted some food, and Michael Emenalo's job was up for some sort of review.

Starting with the Brodge, Brendan Rodgers.  You have to start with The Brodge!  Protocol demands it.  You don't want to be put into those envelopes.  Which reminds me: Liverpool may handle PR even worse than Chelsea at times (especially when Luis Suarez was still there), but they've done a stellar job in sweeping that whole Being:Liverpool spectacular (and not in a good way) under the carpet.

So anyway, Rodgers has been spotted in London, Surrey to be specific, which, as we know, is where Chelsea's training grounds are and where many of the players live.  He was apparently scouting schools for his daughter, which can only mean one thing, Rodgers is coming to London!  Watch out world!  Whether that's to take over Chelsea, Fulham, or QPR (the latter two of which are currently, actually, manager-less) is up for debate.

Meanwhile, more towards the center of the city, Carlo Ancelotti was curing his hangover from the Ronaldo documentary by going to an up-scale restaurant (I'm assuming it is up-scale, in any case; I doubt Ancelotti eats at McDonald's or Nando's) and hobnobbing with some people who might know some people.

Or maybe he was just hungry.  While Ancelotti's clearly looking to get back into management at some point in the next 6-12 months, he's unlikely to consider a temporary Chelsea job.  He's probably hoping at the moment that Pep Guardiola doesn't sign his rumored £17m (per year!) contract extension with Bayern Munich.

Speaking of doing a good job, here's a new angle on this whole Mourinho job security situation, courtesy of the Independent:  Michael Emenalo may become the fall guy for our terrible start to the season instead of the manager!  Talk about a reversal of fortunes from Jose's first spell, when he lost the battle for control against Abramovich and Avram Grant.  I'm not sure we're really in a position to judge how good of a job Emenalo's done — he certainly seems to have no problems bringing in oodles of young talent, though others like Djilobodji are rather baffling — but if heads are going to have to roll at some point for our bad transfer business, if somebody has to be fired as a token gesture of taking action, then it might as well be the man who's supposedly in charge of all that.

Lastly, here are same wise words from a certain Sven-Göran Eriksson, who was once quite close to becoming Chelsea manager instead of Jose Mourinho.

"The only way [to turn things around] is to stick together. If you don't do that then it's finished. You are finished. The club must stick together and I say stick together for not only the players. It is the players, yes, but the staff, the club itself, the owner, must all be together."

"When it starts to be too many discussions and too many rumours, then it is very difficult to turn it round. But if everyone sticks together you can do it, of course you can. You have to have strength in yourself, you have to defend the whole club from the outsiders. If you are not, then it will be even worse. If you are not capable to do that then it will be the end."

"Jose, with his experience, would be able to do that you would think. But he needs help from everybody."

So say we all.

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