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Thibaut Courtois plans to return for key Champions League fixture

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Thibaut Courtois has been out of action since September, but he has resumed some light training, and according to The Star, has set been given an initial target for his return from injury. The Belgian keeper is expected to return for Chelsea's home Champions League match against FC Porto, a contest which could end up deciding the top spot in the group.

The Blues have gotten some quality work from summer signing Asmir Begovic in Courtois' absence, but there's little doubt that the Belgian brings more to the table than Begovic. When fit to return, he'll certainly provide an extra layer of security to a defensive unit which has been plagued by individual mistakes this season, and more often than not, those mistakes have wound up in the back of Chelsea's net.

The return of Courtois to the starting eleven certainly won't cure everything that's currently ailing Chelsea, but it should be enough to see Chelsea snatch at least a few more points when they're struggling to score goals. Every little bit helps, I suppose.