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Cristiano Ronaldo: 'Work with Mourinho again? Why not?'

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho decided to go see a movie on Monday night.  It wasn't any regular movie of course, it was Cristiano Ronaldo's ... ummm ... documentary? ... about himself.  Or some such.  It was Cristiano Ronaldo's ego transferred onto celluloid and projected onto a big screen.  (I'm just kidding; it was probably digital.)


Mourinho wasn't the only big name in attendance.  Cristiano Ronaldo was there, of course.  As was another former manager of his, Sir Alex Ferguson.  And another former manager, Carlo Ancelotti.  (But no Benitez!)  And Thibaut Courtois and Radamel Falcao, because why not.  And I'm sure many others, like Gary Neville.

So on a night of a thousand stars, with such a collection of who's whos all in one place, something was bound to happen that would send the football world into a tizzy.  Or at least our small corner of the football world.

"Work with Mourinho again? Why not?"

"I've got two more years on my contract with Real Madrid, but no-one knows what the future holds."

-Cristiano Ronaldo; source: Marca via Evening Standard


In a futile attempt to head off sensationalist headlines, agent Jorge Mendes, also present, said some words that nobody cares about right now.

"We must wait maybe 10 years because I said many times and I think he will finish his career about 40 or 41 years old."

-Jorge Mendes; source: Evening Standard

Welcome, Cristiano.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled sleepy international break programming.

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