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Ramires, Oscar, Willian reflect on Liverpool loss, Mourinho's future

Clive Rose/Getty Images

The infinite sadness of this season rolls on.  Another loss, so we rally again.  But sadness has replaced anger as the overriding sentiment.  Acceptance can't be far behind?  Or is fear next?  Either way, we're getting far too close for comfort to the dark side, the Mourinho-less future.

"We try to help him [Mourinho] on the pitch, we couldn't help him on Saturday but we will try every match to win because this is a group and a team and if we lose, Jose loses as well so we are all together. We need to play like we played before to win the games."

-Ramires; source: Chelsea FC

New contract man Ramires opened the scoring on Saturday, but as the cliche goes, we scored too soon.  We also ended the first half too soon, about 30-40 seconds before Clattenburg's actual half-time whistle, and Philippe Coutinho made us pay.  He has a habit of doing such things, even though he hadn't actually scored a goal in like three months.

"We tried everything all the game but everything was for Liverpool, and Liverpool played the second half better than us. Coutinho played well, we tried everything but we didn't win. We need to keep going."

-Oscar; source: Chelsea FC

Well, what other option is there?  The season's not even a third done.  Plenty left to play for.  But if we don't start winning — and not just soon, but right now — it won't be under Mourinho.

And while Willian is correct when he claims that it's the board that decides Mourinho's future (duh!), the players can help make up their minds one way or another.  So maybe it's time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and win a game.  How about?  I know, crazy proposition.

"It is difficult because when we lose a game, everyone is sad in the dressing room. The manager didn't say anything because it was not the time but on Sunday we have a conversation and he will show to us what we did in the game."

-Ramires; source: Chelsea FC

Next up: Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday at the Bridge.  What's a step above "must win"?

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