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Cesc Fabregas hates referees

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Oops, he did it again.

It's unclear when exactly Cesc Fabregas decided to start waging his one-man war against referees, but he's been at it for at least a year now.  Maybe this is why Mourinho loves him so much.  Kindred spirits.

On Friday, he did it again,  though this time clad in Spain red rather than Chelsea blue.  International games, Premier League games, cup games, it doesn't matter.  Cesc is an equal opportunity referee hater.

Well disguised, I suppose.  It should be, he's had plenty of practice.

The first time he tried it (for Chelsea, at least), in a match against Manchester United at Old Trafford, he did not choose his target well.  Phil Dowd is a fairly large man.

Fabregas realized he needed to go after the weaklings of the refereeing herd.

Here's Fabregas a couple months later, taking exception to Jonathan Moss's positioning in a League Cup match against Derby County.

Fabregas tried to apologize later, but Mr. Moss was having none of it. Never return to the scene of the crime, Cesc!  Never!  This is a basic rule of evil shenanigans!

Dropping all pretense after that handshake-snub, Fabregas went full-bore after poor Michael Oliver.

How could you, Cesc?! That boy is barely out of puberty!

Afraid of being typecast, Cesc switched tactics for his next incident.  Unfortunately, his aim was just slightly off and he caused only collateral damage instead.

I'm choosing to believe that he was aiming for referee Mike Jones instead.

Of course, this could all be coincidence.  I'm sure that's what Fabregas would tell you, too.  But this sure seems to happen to him far more frequently than to any other player I've seen in Chelsea colors, or any other team, for that matter.

It's ok, Cesc, we'll keep your secret safe.  Oh wait...