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Cesc Fabregas, lawbreaker, driving maniac

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Fab & Furious

Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

As someone who, by default, drives 5-10 mph over the posted speed limit in most places -- in California, this usually just guarantees that you're not the slowest person on the road -- I've generally taken a flippant attitude towards speeding tickets.  As long as no one gets hurt, is my usual justification, though as I get older, that excuse rings hollower and hollower by the day.  Still, I can't help but laugh at stories like mild-mannered Juan Mata getting fined for doing 13mph over on the A3, especially with plenty of speed cameras around to watch for all the road menaces.  Dummy.  Or when Mourinho does 10mph over (also on the A3) to collect his fourth three-point violation and thus cop a 6-month ban from driving.  Campaign, campaign everywhere!

But then there's someone like Cesc Fabregas.  There are speeding tickets and there are speeding tickets, and his definitely falls into the 'what the hell were you thinking, man?' category.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has been banned from driving for six months after being caught speeding.

The Spanish international was clocked driving at 110mph on the A3 in Surrey by a police officer holding a speed camera.

-source: Mirror

Sounds like police get to keep quite busy on this 50mph A3 road (which runs in front of Chelsea's training grounds at Cobham).  But come on, man, Cesc.  That's not even close.  Slow down, maniac.

Fabregas was also ordered to pay a fine.  He was, apparently, "genuinely remorseful" for this incident that happened in January.  The six points he earned here give him 12 on his license and thus a six-month ban.  Insert joke here about a bus and/or finally moving a bit faster than molasses.