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You can take Petr Cech out of Chelsea, but you can't take the Chelsea out of Petr Cech

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Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

These quotes are a couple days old, but it's the international break, so we can take our time indulging in them a bit.

Having left Chelsea this summer for our cross-town rivals, Petr Cech is well on his way of proving John Terry (and everyone else) correct in making Arsenal an actual title contender.  Which is unfortunate, but not something we need to worry about too much at the moment.  We have a season to save, after all. Once that's done, then we can maybe worry about whom we'll have to beat out for a top 4 finish.

While preparing the Czech Republic's match against Turkey on Saturday, Cech was inevitably asked for his opinion on what's going on at Chelsea.  Here's what our legendary goalkeeper had to say.

"It surprises me because Chelsea's squad are among the best in the Premier League. Especially since Mourinho built it to his liking. What is wrong? I am no longer there, so it's hard to evaluate. In any case, the season is long and in my eyes, Chelsea are still the favorites."

-Petr Cech; source: iDNES

Thanks, Agent Big Pete!  But I'm afraid you're going to have to ensure that Arsenal take lots of points off our other rivals, and then drop lots of points themselves for Chelsea to be able to get back to being favorites for the title.