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Gary Cahill adds his voice to the choir of Mourinho's support

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There's a decent chance that by the end of the international break, we will have heard from every single Chelsea player about how Mourinho has their full support and how it's primarily their fault that Chelsea are off to their worst league start since the first alien engineers landed on and seeded this planet.  Next up, Gary Cahill, England stand-in captain.

"We've had a very disappointing start to the season."


"Of course we all back him, of course we are all around him."

"Dare I say, he doesn't even need backing. When you've done so much in the game, got the CV and been through everything that he has been, not just in this league or what he has done for Chelsea, but in other leagues. I don't even think he needs backing, but obviously it is nice to have that and he has certainly got that from the players and the club."

Cahill also revealed that despite remaining a first-choice center back, he's gotten his own fair share of bad performance reviews from the manager as well.  But, like most of the other players, he's responded positively and he wants to improve and make things right.

"It's something we all want to address."

"When I get criticised, I have a determination to try and put it right, work hard and not start sulking about. He (Mourinho) wasn't happy with the way I was playing, along with a few others, and he has every right to let us know that."

"Through tough times, we all need to stick together and turn it round together."

-Gary Cahill; source: Star

Even Cahill, who strikes me as a fairly reserved individual, is ready to go to war to save the season.  It's the least that should be expected, I suppose.

Of course, talk is cheap, but since the next match isn't for another week, that's all we have for now.

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