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Ramires: 'We’ve not lost a bit of trust in Jose'

The Triumvirate of Trust

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Difficult times at Stamford Bridge, and most of the blame has been placed on Chelsea manager José Mourinho. But while we've grown used to the Special One taking shots and shielding his players from the media's heavy artillery, now we see the players giving the favour back to José; this time around, the support comes from Brazilian midfielder Ramires.

"I think it is very normal when we are not playing well and we are losing for the manager to take it out on the players. [Mourinho] needs to get a reaction."

"Maybe some players are not doing what he expects them to do so that's why he is on top of us, on top of things, trying to get a reaction because he knows he can get the best out of us."

"So we all need to calm down and we can get out of this."

Everyone at Chelsea seems to want to move out of their current slump, but to do so the group needs to be united and trust each other. Most importantly, they should trust their leader and according to Ramires, the players haven't lost a single drop of faith in their manager.

"We've not lost a bit of trust in José."

"Everyone trusts him. We think he is the best manager for us. Obviously when things don't go the way that everyone expects a lot of questions are asked. But we still trust him."

"I understand perfectly where he is coming from with what he said regarding where, if he didn't have the confidence of the players he would step aside. But that's not the case at all."

"We are all together."

-Ramires; source: Goal

We now have the "triumvirate of trust" as the three players -- John TerryDiego Costa and Ramires -- José wanted the media to talk to about the circle of trust inside the dressing room have all spoken and backed him, just like the club did. And while the crisis is far from averted, we should remain hopeful that these words will translate into better things going forward.

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