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Both Ivanovic and Matic pick up injuries as Serbia record rare win in Euro 2016 qualifying

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

No, this is not an Internet hoax.  No, it's not good news for Chelsea.  Both Branislav Ivanovic and Nemanja Matic had to be substituted off in Serbia's 2-0 win over Albania earlier today due to apparent injuries.

This was in the 65th minute.  Ivanovic had been playing center back.  Center backs do not get substituted like-for-like in a 0-0 match in the 65th minute unless there's an injury.  Early reports indicate Ivanovic had a problem with his hamstring.

Not ten minutes later, Matic limped off as well.

There's no word on what the midfielder's problem may have been, though he did try to play through it, so perhaps it's just a minor knock.

Serbia ended up scoring twice in added-on time to record their first second official victory of the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.  Obviously, it's a bit too late to actually make it to next summer's tournament.  And apparently it's come at quite a cost.

Stay tuned for any updates we may find out.