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Kurt Zouma on José Mourinho: 'He knows everything'

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

A common trait of most top managers in modern football is their attention to detail. From Ancelotti to Guardiola, every single one of them is known to be avid students of the sport, using their knowledge in their approaches to training, tactics and man-management. As one of these top managers, José Mourinho is no different.

"[José Mourinho is explosive] when he's on the sidelines but he never tears strips off us. It wouldn't be any use -- we're already at rock bottom [after a defeat]."

"And then he's incredibly intelligent -- he knows everything. I've never seen him get an opposing team wrong. I don't know how he does it."

"Every goal we concede, he'll have shown it to us before on video. Then he'll say to us: 'I warned you, lads.' He leaves nothing to chance -- it's really the best. But sometimes in football there are times when everything goes wrong."

Kurt Zouma has only been with Chelsea for a little over a year, but has already taken huge steps towards becoming a solid player for the club despite being only 20 years old. His progress can be partly attributed to quickly learning one important attribute in Chelsea's locker room from his manager: hating to lose.

"After defeats, there's a strange atmosphere in the dressing room. There's complete silence -- no one opens their mouth. Mourinho has taught us to hate defeat."

"We're steeped in that culture so it's hard for us."

-Kurt Zouma; Source: Le Parisien via ESPN

Mourinho has clearly instigated this culture within the current squad as all of them seem to be in tune whenever they come to public to speak about the club's current bad results. Losses certainly hurt us fans, but it also hurts the players; and the pain from these losses can be instrumental in our attempt to start winning matches again.