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Alan Pardew would hire José Mourinho for the England national team

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

In an interview for the FourFourTwo magazine, Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew discussed England's current managerial situation, whether he would accept a job to run the England squad and who would he appoint to be the national team's new manager. And for the latter, his choice was Chelsea's José Mourinho.

"If I was the FA and wanted to win the World Cup, I would try to get José Mourinho. You need to understand English players, and he has worked with English players for several years."

"It would disappoint me to miss the opportunity, but I would also be pleased because José... he gets it. I couldn't see that with Sven or Capello."

"Maybe José could be tempted, but I don't know; he is the best manager in the world, and the England job is one where you have to be able to win without the best players -- you have to be clever to win a major tournament."

-Alan Pardew; Source: FourFourTwo

While Pardew's sincere words to English national team players might make the FA more than resistant to consider offering him a job to replace Roy Hodgson, it would make a lot of sense to have José Mourinho managing the Three Lions one day -- and he was close to doing so back in 2007, although he said that he wouldn't consider the job yet, as he'd miss the daily routine of club management.

But maybe in fifteen years, after leaving a legacy at Chelsea a la Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, we will see Mourinho watching games in Stamford Bridge stands for England's national team.