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Loïc Rémy continues to work, expects to play more

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Tony Marshall/Getty Images

In the beginning of the transfer window, Chelsea backup striker Loïc Rémy was believed to have many Premier League suitors on his chase. Still, manager José Mourinho kept the player at Stamford Bridge, and the Frenchman gracefully accepted the "open competition" against Diego Costa and Radamel Falcao for Chelsea's first-choice striker.

Despite showing the willingness to fight for his place, Rémy has been less than impressive with the chances given to him so far this season, scoring only one goal in six appearances.  He was also one of the three famously left at home for the Porto game in the Champions League. Still, he claims he won't let the lack of playing time get to him.

"That's the mentality of being professional. Of course I'm upset not to be playing but at the same time I work hard in training to be ready."

"I try to fight to play more and for me there is no problem. I'll just stay the same and keep working. I know there are many games in the season and I'm sure I will play more. Some in my situation may be very angry and a troublemaker but I can't be selfish."

-Loïc Rémy; source: Sky Sports via London Evening Standard

In his July interview with The Guardian, Rémy was aware that Diego Costa was Chelsea's no. 1 striker and how difficult it would be to displace him in the pecking order. Costa's three-game domestic suspension was a window of opportunity opening to Rémy; but he still failed to impress in the limited time on the pitch that he was given, eventually losing his place as starting striker to Radamel Falcao in Chelsea's game against Southampton last weekend.

But Loïc Rémy is seemingly doing the most to keep his head straight, which is something the club need in this time of adversity. Amidst ongoing and potential suspensions, votes of confidence, ex-club staff problems and so forth, the last thing we need is another dispute affecting the locker room and Chelsea's environment.