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Yacine Brahimi's agent on Chelsea rumors: 'All that's been said is false'

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Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Algerian international Yacine Brahimi may not have scored against Chelsea the other Tuesday, but he certainly impressed. While making fools of Branislav Ivanovic isn't quite the strong endorsement it used to be, Brahimi was already quite highly regarded before he put the Chelsea right back to the sword repeatedly, creating Porto's first goal and helping to win the corner for Porto's second after Ivanovic was caught out by a ball over the top.

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea were linked almost immediately after the match to the 25-year-old winger (and to his teammate Ruben Neves).  Brahimi recently signed a new contract that upped his buyout clause to 60m, which many see as a sign that Porto are getting ready to cash in soon.  Chelsea buying players who performed well against us is hardly a new strategy either.  So you can see where this is going.

But for now at least, it's all just paper talk.

"Frankly, all that was said just now about the interest of Chelsea for Yacine is not true. These are just nonsense because to my knowledge there is absolutely nothing about it. Personally, I have never had to confirm any contact between Chelsea and FC Porto for Yacine. So again, these are rumors without any basis, especially compared to the figures that are advanced on the likely transfer amount."

-François Gill, agent; source: Competition

Porto are notorious for driving tough bargains; there's a good chance whoever wants to buy Brahimi willl have to pay the full buyout.  Which, even in the current inflated market, isn't exactly pocket change.

"I can tell you frankly, there is no concrete offer for Yacine.  [Again,] all that is said is false ... and it remains only rumors."

-François Gill, agent; source: Competition

And so begins the dance that will make Brahimi and his agent very rich men.  Whether it will be Chelsea who will make them so, is doubtful at this point.  But stranger things have happened.