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Jose Mourinho charged by the FA following post Southampton comments

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Following Saturday's loss to Southampton, Jose Mourinho let loose on the officials, a rant almost certain to bring charges from the FA. On Monday, that charge was announced on the FA website:

Jose Mourinho has been charged for misconduct in relation to media comments he made following Chelsea's game against Southampton on Saturday.

It is alleged his remarks constitute improper conduct in that they allege and/or imply bias on the part of a match official or match officials and/or bring the game into disrepute.

He has until 6pm on Thursday 8 October 2015 to respond to the charge.

I doubt anyone is surprised in the least that Mourinho was charged for his remarks, even if Arsene Wenger can criticize match officials without angering the FA. In all likelihood, this charge will amount in nothing more than a fine, and a warning to knock it off or be suspended in the future.