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Chelsea hand out vote of confidence to José Mourinho and squad

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

José Mourinho's post-match interview quotes regarding a possible departure from Chelsea resonated throughout the media and quite possibly the board and the players. Most importantly, Mourinho said he'd only leave if he loses his players' trust, as he believes he's the best coach the club could have at the moment not only to turn things around but also in the long-term. Thankfully, the board seem to be in agreement with the Special One.

The club wants to make it clear that José continues to have our full support.

As José said himself, results have not been good enough and the team's performances must improve. However, we believe that we have the right manager to turn this season around and that he has the squad with which to do it.

-Source: Chelsea FC official website

With rumours in Italy already popping up regarding the club possibly chasing Carlo Ancelotti as a replacement for Mourinho, this statement couldn't be more timely. It also sends a message to our squad, as they also have the responsibility of picking themselves up instead of letting their manager take all the blame for the club's faults on the pitch.

Now we move towards two weeks of an international break with media rumbles hopefully focused only on who will replace Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. That said, they'll probably just point out that a vote of confidence has hardly been a cast-iron guarantee of anything in the past.

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