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Willian reveals Dr. Carneiro resolution; also defends Mourinho methods, Costa antics

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Here are a few interesting quotes given to Brazilian media by Chelsea's master free kick taker, Willian, on occasion of his 100th appearance for Chelsea.  So the interview (with Globo Esporte, by way of SambaFoot) is actually from before the Southampton match, which was his 101st (a very vomit-y 101st), though presumably Willian's answers apply just the same even after that latest defeat.

Let's work our way backwards, starting with Diego Costa, Brazilian by birth, Spanish by trade, provocateur by choice.

"I think he knows what he does. It's his way of playing, being a little aggressive on the pitch. He is a striker who likes to go up and contest the ball, which sometimes ends up irritating the opponent."

Diego Costa, innocent and pure as the driven snow.  He means no harm, he just wants to be friends, play some footie, talk some shop, and hug it out.  Not an evil bone in his body.

Other than Costa, the main topic of conversation was of course Chelsea's terrible start, including the recent rumors of dressing room strife.  Willian rejects any such notion and remains confident that we'll be able to turn it around.

"With the players there is no problem. People generally want to find a problem when the team loses, but I never saw him arguing or fighting with another player."

"I think it's a bad time for all of us. Too bad, because we play for Chelsea, one of the world's largest clubs, and we are losing many games. The players playing here have never gone through a situation like this, losing so many games. But we have everything to win again, despite our many errors."

We may not be familiar with losing, but we are certainly familiar with controversies.  When asked about the Dr. Carneiro situation and any potential side-effects on the squad it may have had, Willian appears to reveal that a resolution has actually already been reached.  I haven't seen this reported anywhere else, so perhaps it's an issue of translation.  I believe this is the first time that a Chelsea player has addressed this topic in public.

"On the medical situation, I saw the statement (Mourinho's?  Carneiro's?  The FA's?) and this was solved with the board of directors. The truth is that none of the players knew what happened. I believe that the board resolved with Mourinho and the doctor."

It's been suggested a few times that the incident between Mourinho and the Chelsea medical team has been one of the bigger factors behind our early-season malaise.  Willian's words don't really play into that notion however.  What they do seem to suggest is that some sort of settlement has already been reached between the two parties, which was always going to be the most likely outcome.