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Mourinho yesterday: 'No way I resign'; Mourinho today: 'That is the only thing that can make me resign'

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Flip. Flop. Oh. Poor choice of word there.

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The trouble with absolutes is that, well, they're absolute.  There is no room for mitigating circumstances.

"No way I resign. No way."

-Jose Mourinho, yesterday

Strong. Clear. Only one possible outcome.  And sure, that sounded great in the wake of Saturday night's defeat, with emotions still running high, Chelsea fans across the world freaking out, and the manager's future possibly up in the air,* but in the cold light of day, that's perhaps not a realistic expectation.

"If they tell you they don't trust me, (that) is the only thing that can make me resign. The only thing."

-Jose Mourinho; today

Sooo... there is a way!  Well, crap.

* Neil Ashton, Chelsea board member/fly on the wall, has categorically cleared Mourinho of a potential sacking in the supposed showdown talks held at Cobham meanwhile.  Thanks, Neil!

Mourinho speficially mentions John Terry, Diego Costa, and Ramires as the three players whose opinion should be trusted as far as who still commands the dressing room.  Apparently players who are away on international duty shouldn't be asked such things.  Regardless, JT has already come out with his public vote of confidence, so, fortunately, there's nothing to worry about, right?

Well, except for maybe this next bit where Jose's gone all Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard on us...

"It makes me understand how big a guy I am. I am not afraid. I'm not crying, I'm not desperate. It makes me realise how big I was, how big I am."

"When you win and you win titles and you are champion, life is easy. It's easy to be proud. It's easy to be what you are. In this moment it's not so easy and my feelings - I'm so unhappy with the sport feeling of defeat but I am so happy with myself with the way I am facing this."

Alright, Mr. Mourinho.  We're ready for your close-up.

So, Jose clearly retains his unshakable self-belief and overflowing amount of self-confidence.  Even though he's in unexplored territory -- what is losing? -- as far as Roman Era Chelsea or his own career are concerned.  But what about the players, who are suddenly playing at League One level.  How's their confidence?

"Only Mother Nature can do it. They need to feel luck, they need to arrive at half-time winning 2-0, 3-0. They need to fly without pressure, they need to play and feel that everything is going in their favour."

"Not to feel this pressure, this panic, this negativity. Decisions against, unlucky, mistakes. They need it. Time will bring it. I don't know next match, in two matches, in three. For sure they will get that confidence back, for sure."

We've tried positive reinforcement, we've tried negative reinforcement.  Apparently, now we're waiting for divine intervention, in the form of better ball-luck and just good fortunate, in general.

Sounds like a solid plan.  Carry on.