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Mourinho becomes the Premier League's fourth longest-serving manager after Liverpool sack Brendan Rodgers

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I had this, if I may say so myself, fantastic poll idea last night.  Who will get sacked first, Brendan Rodgers, Rafael Benitez, or Jose Mourinho?  And then I was going to point out how Liverpool's visit to Chelsea on October 31 could be a sort of Sack Derby.  And it was going to be a glorious post and comment section, and we would've had some laughs and jokes and ... and then Brendan had to go ruin it all by getting sacked today following Liverpool's 1-1 draw in the Merseyside Derby.  Womp womp wompppp...

Rodgers had been in charge since June 2012, which made his the second (2nd!!) longest-serving active manager in the Premier League and eighth (8th!!) longest-serving active manager in the top four divisions of English football.

And if that doesn't speak volumes about modern football, try this on for size:  Jose Mourinho is currently the fourth longest-serving manager in the Premier League.  That's Jose Mourinho, destroyer of worlds and practicer of scorched earth policies.  Only Arsene Wenger (roughly 9 billion years on the job), Eddie Howe (who's guided Bournemouth up two divisions in 3 years), and Mark Hughes (by just three days) have been at their current clubs longer.  Shocking, right Thierry?

So as Mourinho battles to keep his own job for a little while longer, it's important to remember that unless your name is Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger, your time as a football manager at any given club is unlikely to last beyond 2-3 years.  The reason other managers don't get the same third-season narrative attached to them as Mourinho gets, is only because they don't win as often and with as much consistency as The Special Happy Frazzled One.