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Chelsea have already decided Radamel Falcao's future -- reports

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

This one, as far as we can tell, started in the Mirror immediately in the wake of the ridiculousness at Stamford Bridge; though I doubt Falcao's poor performance (penalty decision aside) was the only motivating factor behind this supposed decision.

Radamel Falcao's nightmare Premier League career is as good as over with Chelsea looking set to reject the chance to sign him on a permanent basis.

-source: Mirror

Considering the outrageous sums of money that Falcao would surely cost, he would've had to have a rather spectacular season for us to even consider buying him outright.  Obviously, it's only October, but so far, the only spectacular thing he's done is that slip on the free kick against Walsall.  Spectacularly funny and sad, that is.

So whether the Mirror are just speculating or have actually gotten wind of some decision we've made (even though it seems a bit early for that, despite the striker's failings so far), there's a good chance that we will indeed not be signing Falcao permanently.

That said, it would be nice if he got his act together.  The backup striker bar isn't being set very high at all at the moment; surely if Remy can't be bothered to clear it, at least Falcao could?  At least for the rest of this season, it could be useful...