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Begovic welcomes two-week break from Chelsea losses

Err... I mean the international break. Yeah.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Asmir Begovic has not only been pressed into action as our first-choice goalkeeper, thanks to Thibaut Courtois' long-term knee injury, he's also become one our most commonly interviewed players, probably due to his impeccable English (thanks, Canada!) and an ability to give proper quotes befitting a mid-table side (thanks, Stoke City!).  Begovic also serves as vice-captain for the Bosnia & Herzegovina national team, so he's quite familiar with leadership roles as well.  (I'm trying to not read too much into his interview making the rounds first, as opposed to, say, John Terry's -- if he even gave one.)

In any case, Begovic acknowledges that recovering the team from this situation will not be easy.  "It's complicated," he says to Chelsea TV, but we can't give up.  We have to keep on trying, fighting, believing.

"When things are not going your way it's tough. It's a mental thing as well, we need to keep fighting ... run through a brick wall, as they say."

"That's the way it goes when results don't go your way, confidence takes a hit. That's life, that's football. You go through your ups and downs."

-Asmir Begovic; source: FourFourTwo

Begovic, left exposed multiple times by his defenders' individual mistakes once again on Saturday, is hoping that the two-week international break, a reprieve from the pressures of Chelsea and our terrible form, will help the players rediscover some confidence.

"Hopefully this break comes at a good time, we get a result in the next game and drive on from there."

-Asmir Begovic; source: FourFourTwo

That sort of worked last time, though the three-match winning streak was preceded first by the loss at Everton.  Not sure how many more of those we can afford.  Next up after the break is a home match against Aston Villa, then three away dates.  Then Liverpool come to town at the end of the month.  There are no easy games anymore.

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