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Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool, Premier League: Post-match reaction

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

After throwing away the first 45 minutes of good work with 30 second of ball-watching and general lazy play, we started the second half in a bit more active, but also a bit more nervy fashion.  Eventually, an even game was settled by another good shot from Coutinho.  Benteke added one more, as one would expect he'd always do, and so it finished 3-1, not Chelsea.

  • A match that we looked well capable of winning, we lose rather handily.  This season is the worst.
  • Another subpar hour from Hazard.  His replacement Kenedy made more impact in the first 2 minutes after coming on than our Player of the Year did up to that point.  One-on, one-off for Eden nowadays.  Sort it out.
  • Can we clone Willian?
  • Mark Clattenburg, whom I unfortunately praised before the match, had a terrible game.  Good calls, bad calls can be a sliding scale, but the one thing that's unforgivable is inconsistency of calls.  The sequence where Can finally got a yellow for his umpteenth foul, then Mikel got a yellow for his first, then Lucas didn't get a yellow at all for stopping a counter was beyond maddening.  And then we haven't even gotten to why on earth he added 30 more seconds in the first half.
  • On the plus side, we're playing better (outside of Hazard) than we were earlier in the season.  The results aren't better, unfortunately.
  • What happens now?