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Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Premier League: Half-time report

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All even, 1-1.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

After a perfect start, we've let Liverpool have the ball for most of the rest of the 40 minutes, to mostly non-impactful effect.  Lallana, Clyne, and Firmino had half-chances either spanked wide or hit straight at Begovic.  Chelsea struggled early with Liverpool's ridiculous high press, which had no chance of being sustained for more than 15 minutes.  The press has mostly devolved into tactical fouling.  Somehow, Emre Can has not been booked yet.

That's not to say it's been all rosy for Chelsea.  Besides Willian getting lumps kicked out of him, Hazard has not been very accurate with his passing and creating from the no.10 spot, Mikel took a while to settle and lost the ball several times, and Oscar has been invisible on the attacking end (though he's been key defensively in his new, left-wing role).

But, so far so good.  Costa has been active (and clean!) and had a big part to play in the goal.  Azpilicueta has been a dynamo, and the rest of the team has been mostly solid.  We're certainly doing a good enough job keeping Liverpool at bay.

And then, as we were waiting for the final whistle (that didn't come), lost the ball and stopped playing, Coutinho did what Coutinho does.  How absolutely, maddeningly ridiculous.  We stopped playing 30 seconds before the half-time whistle and were duly punished.

So, we start again. 1-1.