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Bayern Munich's official Twitter account trolls Spurs with Chelsea's Champions League triumph

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Can't say I'm particularly a big fan of either of these two teams, especially not Spurs for obvious reasons, but Bayern certainly have gone up a step after their official English langugage Twitter account had the perfect comeback to a bit of boasting from the North Londoners.

After Bayern dropped their first points of the season in the Bundesliga with a 0-0 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt, somebody at Spurs Twitter thought it would be wise to poke a bit of fun at the German giants.

Bayern's 10 straight wins to start a season is a new Bundesliga record, but it fell one short of Spurs' 11 in a row to start the 1960-61 season (which also just happens to be the last time Spurs won the league).  Certainly a nice record (and the best start in any of Europe's "top 5" leagues ever), though it doesn't even come close to Benfica's 23 wins in a row in 1972-73 in the slightly easier Portuguese league.

In any case, Bayern Twitter wasn't about to just let that pass without a comeback.