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Jose Mourinho opens up about his father's condition and the strength he draws from family

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Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

As we learned back in the spring, just as Chelsea were about to win the Premier League title, José Mourinho Félix had undergone a successful operation in Portugal following a stroke.  But, as it turns out, that wasn't the end of the fight.

"My father is winning his fight and he's winning it in a very secure way. He went to levels nobody would expect — I think he's a bit of a fighter. In the last few months the evolution has been amazing. So if there is any consequence of that to me, it is positive."

"In this moment I don't go to Portugal any more. My wife (Matilde) does that for me. She couldn't believe how well he is, or how strong he is. The family is happy with his fantastic recovery. He had brain surgery the night we played Leicester and I only knew that night."

"In the recovery period he had two strokes as a consequence of surgery and he went to levels where it was very doubtful and very difficult. The recovery in the last few months is good news, good news and good news. The doctors say it can be good news or bad news, but it's been good news for the last few months. He's almost ready to play!"

(Mourinho Félix played for 16 years as goalkeeper for Vitória Setúbal, Belenenses, and the Portuguese national team.)

"I know what life is. I know that in the end, what matters is the family and my family is top."

"You think I go every day (to see my father)? I go during international weeks. You don't think I finish, go to Portugal today and come back tomorrow morning to play Liverpool? I never did that. The strength of the family is exactly that: to allow you, obviously your heart feels, but to allow you to focus on your job, your duties. We lead a normal life."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

He may be putting on a brave face here, but I cannot even imagine how difficult this all must have been (and still must be) and the strength needed to maintain somewhat of a normal life.  Fortunately, it sounds like things are going as well as they could possibly be in these circumstances.

Meanwhile, in less important matters, Mourinho is focused solely on winning today, tomorrow, and the day after that.

"I don't spend one second of my day thinking about it (the sack). I'm worried about the results. I'm worried about winning tomorrow, about qualifying for the next round of the Champions League. I am not worried about my job, my future, anything other than that."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

Hopefully, the good news will continue on all fronts.