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Mourinho happy with Eden Hazard's positive reaction and improving play

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Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Even as silly rumors continue to swirl around a potential exit for Eden Hazard, and as Chelsea struggle to recover some semblance of normalcy to this abnormal season, what's gone under the radar a bit is that Hazard's form has actually started improving recently.

Since his benching against Porto and Aston Villa made headlines, our Player of the Year started three matches in a row and has come about as close to scoring as one possibly can without being weighed down by some cosmic curse.  At the same time, he's also shown visibly improved effort in working without the ball, and that's something that's sure to warm Jose Mourinho's cold heart.

"He tried everything in the last game, he had a positive game, he played for two hours - I am happy with his performance against Stoke. I was happy with his performance against Dynamo Kiev."

"Before that he was on the bench obviously because I was not happy and I felt it was the best thing for him. I am happy with his positive reaction to that."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Given prior evidence of the previous couple seasons, is anyone surprised that Hazard has responded positively to Mourinho's latest challenge?  Now, if only the results would match our improved play...