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Reports: Both Mourinho and Diego Costa should be available for crucial Liverpool clash

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Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

According to the Guardian's Dominic Fifield, "there is optimism" in the Chelsea camp regarding Diego Costa's rib injury.  After a few rounds of x-rays, first at a hospital then back at Cobham, we are seemingly confident that the result of Costa punching himself by way of Charlie Adam's hipbone of mass destruction has resulted in nothing but a bit of severe bruising rather than a fracture that would've ruled out Costa "for up to a month".

Further good news from earlier yesterday by way of the BBC, who (alongside many others) posit that Jose Mourinho will not be serving any sort of ban, suspended or unsuspended, come lunchtime Saturday.  Not necessarily because he's innocent of whatever he's being charged with, mind you, but simply because for whatever reason, The FA have decided to move very slowly on adjudicating over the fallout from the West Ham match.  So while both Chelsea and West Ham were charged, as were Mourinho and assistant coach Silvino, regardless of how the clubs responded by yesterday's deadline, the organizing body known for their supreme consistency and ultimate transparency have apparently decided not to rule on any of that stuff until after the Liverpool match.

Perhaps they're banking on Mourinho getting fired right after, so they don't have to deal with him ever again.  Though that may prove to be a short-sighted policy come next year's budget meeting.