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Chelsea 1-3 Southampton, Premier League: Post-match reaction

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

ours not to make reply
ours not to reason why
ours but to watch and cry

  • Point the first: [fun] everything. Jose Mourinho's got to be on his last legs at this point. This is not a Jose out bullet point, just a note that this is now very, very bad.
  • Chelsea started with Ramires as a lone holder. This was probably to patrol the space introduced by using a low block, since John Terry was also starting. Ramires is energetic and diligent, so this move makes a certain amount of sense until you remember it's Ramires we're talking about. He was removed at the half for Nemanja Matic.
  • Nemanja Matic was substituted in the 73rd minute.
  • Willian has turned into a free kick god this year and his 10th-minute hit was his best yet. Forget the weird skimming ones that creep in at the far post after freezing the goalkeeper -- this was right out of Gianfranco Zola's arsenal. Ping!
  • Meanwhile Chelsea were getting lucky with the refereeing. Branislav Ivanovic might have conceded a penalty when he held Virgil van Dijk on a set piece (those are almost never given, but this was particularly egregious), and Ramires almost certainly should have after hacking down Saido Mane shortly thereafter. 

    Don't worry though, Southampton got that luck back eventually.
  • The equaliser was stupid and Cesc Fabregas didn't track his runners and who could have seen that coming.
  • Maarten Stekelenburg fouled Radamel Falcao, who got booked for diving.
  • Amazingly the list of defenders embarrassed for Mane's goal in the 60th minute did not include Ivanovic. Nice of Gary Cahill and Terry to give him a confidence boost.
  • Did I mention [fun] everything?
Rate the players, if you want. I'm going to go drink.