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Watch and learn: Mourinho's Southampton pre-match press conference was his best in a long time

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Here's Jose Mourinho in top form for almost 20 minutes.  If you haven't seen it, you should watch it.  Especially the second half of the press conference, which he decided to turn into an impromptu coaching session, rather than just answering the media's questions.  He addressed squad rotation, dressing room criticisms, player morale and mentality, dealing with pressure, and much much more.  Some of these we've already seen, but there's new stuff in here that's pretty great.

If nothing else, watch from minute 14 on.  Trust me, do it.

Here are a few of his quotes, courtesy of Chelsea official:

"Of course I do it in front of the other players, because I coach. If I criticise the mistake of the right-back and a young player like Ola Aina is present, then it is an education for Ola Aina. If I criticise a mistake by Gary Cahill, if John Terry is in the meeting and he didn't play then he knows what I want. And when I say to a winger, let's say Willian, you have to do that movement because the movement you did is the wrong one, Pedro who works with me for just a couple of months is listening and is learning."

"The two wingers who are going to play against Southampton were saying to me can we change positions. I gave the reasons why they couldn't but again this is communication."

"I like the group to speak and sometimes when I feel it is not enough I try to stimulate it. I ask questions. For example, regarding the second goal at Porto, I said to our goalkeeper the goal is not your fault but did you communicate enough, did you speak to the zone man, telling him maybe someone comes from behind him to anticipate the space. He said he did but that he can do it in a more persuasive way, with a different kind of alert voice."

Press conferences usually range from the banal, through the boring, to the tetchy, but this one was an instant classic from the Chelsea manager.  Unusually open, very clear, and without any hint of annoyance, this is Mourinho in top form.  Let's hope this translates to the pitch later today.