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Azpilicueta toes the company line, but also talks about the example John Terry's setting

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

Cesar Azpilicueta has largely escaped the wrath of the fans and the media (though not the manager behind the scenes, apparently!) so far in this brewing tragedy of a season.  That's not to say he has been as excellent as the last couple seasons — no one has — but at least he's managed to avoid any glaring errors or obviously costly mistakes.

Still, the left back knows that it's hardly been a good season overall, with things not quite going to plan rather often for the boys in Blue.  He's keeping the faith however, and has been talking to Sky Sports about many of the same things that Mourinho and other players have echoed as well.

"We can see how difficult the Premier League is. Last year what we did was amazing but now it's a new season and we can feel that in every game every team fights hard for points. It's difficult to win and we have to be focused in our job. We have to keep doing the things we do well and avoid mistakes."

"When you concede goals sometimes the other team do a good job but sometimes we make mistakes, We have to avoid this because every time we make a small mistake we are being punished. Last year maybe the ball was hitting the post. It's not a time for hiding. We have to know what we are doing well and what we are doing wrong."

-Cesar Azpilicueta; source: Sky

We sure love that punished-for-every-mistake line, don't we?  I suppose it must feel like that, so when Mourinho trots it out as well, it hits home.  Still, it sounds a bit generous.

Regardless, as Azpilicueta and the rest of the team double down to try to rescue the season, they're drawing, in-part, on a somewhat unlikely source of inspiration.  Or maybe it's an obvious source of inspiration.  We probably should expect nothing less from the Chelsea captain.

"JT is a massive player for us. He is the captain and even when he is not playing he shows support and sets the example for everybody. The manager makes the decisions and everybody in the squad wants to play but I think what he is showing in training is what a captain needs. Everybody will learn from him."

-Cesar Azpilicueta: source: Sky

So, some positive words regarding JT's attitude and commitment.  Though it also sounds like Azpilicueta wouldn't mind having Terry back next to him against Southampton.