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Dr. Carneiro pursues constructive dismissal claim against Chelsea

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

In an entirely unsurprising development, Chelsea have been served by Dr. Eva Carneiro's legal team over a constructive dismissal claim.

While there was hope at one point of resolving this unsavory, untoward and entirely unnecessary incident amicably and behind the scenes, there's now a possible outcome where the case will only be resolved by a public tribunal.

It is understood that legal papers were served on the club this week and these will trigger an employment tribunal unless an out-of-court settlement can be agreed before a hearing takes place. Carneiro's lawyer served the papers this week after failing to agree a settlement with Chelsea so far. The three-month period in which a claim must be notified ends on 8 November.

An employment tribunal hearing would take place in public and could be potentially embarrassing for the club, and for that reason such cases are usually settled beforehand. Chelsea have previously said they cannot comment on internal staffing matters.

-source: PA via Guardian

Of course, Chelsea (as most big companies tend to do in this case) will do everything in our lawyers' power to still resolve this out of court and reach a private, sealed settlement before time comes for the public hearing.