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Thibaut Courtois gives encouraging update on knee injury

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

The news around Chelsea for the past month or two has been very bleak. How about some news to cheer you up? Thibaut Courtois took to Instagram today to give an update on his knee injury. While he didn't have much to say, a video is worth a thousand words.

Happy to be running again #CFC

A video posted by Thibaut Courtois (@thibautcourtois) on

Happy to be running again #CFC

-Thibaut Courtois on Instagram

This is very welcome news. Even though Asmir Begovic has performed admirably in his absence, having one of the best goalkeepers in the world in front of goal can give a team's back line a boost of confidence. And if there's one thing Chelsea could use right now it's some confidence.

The original diagnosis for Courtois' torn meniscus had the Belgian returning in December. It appears that he's right on track with his recovery. Hopefully all continues to progress well and he'll be back on time.