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Remy: 'It's important for Mourinho to stay; we don't want to give up'

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Remy was one of the more conspicuous absentees from the media blitz during the last international break, when just about every member of the squad came out publicly in support of the manager.  Whether orchestrated by the club or each of them doing it of their own volition seems to be a minor detail.  United we stand, and all that jazz.

After his appearance and game-tying goal yesterday, Remy added his voice to the support as well.

"It's important for him (Mourinho) to stay and we don't want to give up. We were champions together only last season and he is a really great manager. Of course I don't want him to leave. I think all the players don't want that."

"I'm really sure that Saturday will be a big game, but we can still be in the top four of the League if we win games."

-Loic Remy; source: Evening Standard

And speaking of Saturday's big game, Remy is all about that action, boss.  Not that we would expect anything less from our backup striker who led the team in scoring on a per-minute basis last season (9 in 1159min vs. Costa's 21 in 2915min).

"I'm always ready for any chance the manager gives me. I don't know the situation with Diego, but if I have the opportunity to play against Liverpool I will be really pleased."

"My fitness is good. I had time to work on it, my cardio during the last few weeks after being out with a minor injury. I felt really good in training and now I give my best for the team."

"I'm sure the mood of the team will recover and we will be ready for Saturday. It is a really big game for us."

-Loic Remy; source: Evening Standard

Liverpool have their own set of injury woes with their strikers, with both Benteke and Sturridge doubtful at the moment with knee problems and of course Danny Ings lost to the season with an ACL tear.

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