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Watch: Bertrand Traore vs. Stoke City

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While we're still trying to figure out what exactly the point of the League Cup is, one thing is certain. It allows younger players to get opportunities with the first team they normally wouldn't get. In the case of Bertrand Traore, Tuesday night's loss to Stoke City could serve as the launching point for a promising Chelsea career.

The 20-year-old has yet to appear in a Premier League match for the Blues. His only competitive appearance this season was as a substitute in a Champions League match that Chelsea were dominating in. So, when Traore entered this League Cup match in the 80th minute with the club trailing 1-0, the pressure was on in a competitive environment.

Even though the end result wasn't what everyone would've hoped for (losing on penalties), it's evident that the youngster acquitted himself quite well in his first big test. The minute he entered the match, he injected the side with energy as he flew around the pitch. An astonishing five shot attempts in 40 minutes of action shows that he's not lacking in confidence. Adding this type of spark off the bench can only help his chances of more playing time.

The above video is of his performance against Stoke. What did you think of his match?