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Former Chelsea boss refuses to rule out possible Stamford Bridge return

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

We've reached the point where Chelsea's season is going so poorly that stories about Jose Mourinho's potential replacement are becoming commonplace. On Wednesday, following the Blues' disappointing exit from the League Cup, Voetbal International spoke to an old friend, asking Guus Hiddink about whether or not he'd be willing to return to the Blues. In typical Hiddink fashion, his answer was fantastic:

"Top class football will always attract. Lately things have come my way, but they were no jobs where I wanted to get in right away. We'll see, it's wait and see. "

It's hard to imagine that an unemployed Hiddink would say 'no' if Chelsea came calling, given his relationship with manager Roman Abramovich, and the reception he'd likely get from the fans. Frankly, he might be the only interim replacement that wouldn't cause the sort of backlash we saw with Rafa Benitez, should Mourinho and the club part ways.

That said, I'd far prefer to see the Blues' board actually show some patience, as mid-season managerial changes aren't something I've ever been a fan of. I'd also like to see Mourinho calm down a bit, but that's a whole different story.