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New York Red Bulls fans respond to Mourinho's 'Mickey Mouse team' gibes with amusing campaign

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Over the weekend, The Times ran a story about the (first? surely, not) time Mourinho supposedly lost his cool with his Chelsea squad this season, and apparently used the phrase "Mickey Mouse team" to refer to the New York Red Bulls (and their reserves/development squad NYRB II), which in turn upset our pampered collection of easily upset-able yet highly functioning babies.  Or at least that's what they want us to believe.

Whether all that's true or not, it doesn't really matter at this point.  What matters (other than Chelsea looking to salvage the season any day now) is that the story found its way into the eyes and ears of certain NYRB fans over in this New World hive of scum and villainy called Reddit. Seeing as how their club were just crowned the regular season champions of MLS, they're clearly full of brash confidence and thus didn't appreciate those gibes very much.  But instead of responding in kind, or possibly throw some boxes of tea in the sea, they've decided to hit back with a bit of amusing, gentle trolling.

There's currently an Indiegogo (i.e. crowdfunding) campaign (not another one!) to send our lovable though sometimes abrasive manager a box (24 cans?) of Red Bull energy drink.  Now, you might think this is a bit silly (which it is), but you know what, we could use a bit of an energy boost, even if there's probably nothing healthy or good for you in those cans. It's supposed to give you wings, after all.

And maybe even a Mickey Mouse hat for the Boss.