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Chelsea youngster draws comparisons to Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Dare to Dominic.

Elsa/Getty Images

On-loan Chelsea striker Dominic Solanke couldn't do much to help his current team Vitesse in a 3-1 loss against Ajax last weekend, failing to record a shot as his team couldn't create any proper chances for him. But despite the lack of goals, the youngster put on a good shift in the match, and his form and style of play have been drawing comparisons to a certain well-known Swedish footballer.

[Solanke]'s clinical. Sometimes, with the most impossible balls he knows how to do something beautiful from nothing. In that way, he is reminiscent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He's only 18 years old and already doing so well.

I expect he will only play one season as Chelsea will take him back and may want to loan him to an English club.

-Ferdi Vierklau; Source: FourFourTwo

But even if Solanke might have a similar playing style to Ibrahimovic and deserves praise for his development, he's still very far from a finished product -- and also from Chelsea's first team. For Vitesse captain Guram Kashia, not only Solanke but all the Chelsea youngsters loaned to the Dutch club would benefit from staying for more than one season with the club.

In one year, you do not learn enough at Vitesse to make the move back to Chelsea. That's what I say to the young boys: don't leave after this season.

-Guram Kashia; Source: NUsport via FourFourTwo

Guram Kashia also made some comments on how difficult it is for him and the club to keep rebuilding their squad as an influx of players come to Vitesse and leave shortly after.

There is a certain vision I must learn to go along with more -- that every year a large part of the team leaves while I stay is quite difficult.

Every year we have to build again.

-Guram Kashia; Source: NUsport via FourFourTwo

With the Chelsea contingent at Vitesse growing every year, it might be a good idea to start offering our youngsters on longer loan deals. It's certainly working for Andreas Christensen, whom despite a few mishaps still has been featuring constantly for his current team Borussia Mönchengladbach, perhaps at least in part due to his two-year loan deal.

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