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Moupocalypse Now: PSG, Internazionale next for José? Ancelotti or Hiddink to Chelsea?

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In today's Moupocalypse forecast, things are looking downright tragic.  Carlo Ancelotti loves us no more.  Jose Mourinho's making plans.  And here comes mother Guus with the napalm.

Matt Law of the Telegraph brings us the first, more recent bit of "news". While our former manager and Double-winner Carlo Ancelotti could very well be looking towards a job in England (or at Bayern, should Guardiola leave), one place he's not willing to go to is Chelsea.  Certainly not on a temporary, interim basis.

But Ancelotti would almost certainly not be interested in a temporary position and would have major reservations about accepting a permanent return to Chelsea.

Maybe he'd come back if Everton got relegated, so we couldn't sack him in the Goodison tunnel again.

Guus Hiddink is similarly unemployed, though not quite in demand as much as Ancelotti.  That probably has something to do with not achieving too much high profile success since his days as Chelsea caretaker and Russia's manager at Euro 2008.  He was most recently employed for 10 gloriously bad months as Netherlands manager.  Given all that, it's not surprising that he would "jump at" a chance to manage Chelsea again.

Dutch sources believe [Hiddink] would jump at the chance to take on another interim position if Abramovich turned to him again.

Hiddink's three months and 22 matches (just 1 defeat) in 2009 were some of the best of times (FA Cup), and some of the worst of times (Ovrebo).

Speaking of the worst of times, if Miguel Delaney of ESPN is to be believed, Mourinho's camp is also making contingency plans, building on the Chelsea manager's public mention of Internazionale a few weeks ago (context be damned) and some long-standing desire, apparently, to go manage in France.  (Ha-ha, joke's on you, Eden Hazard.)

Jose Mourinho's camp have already started making contingency plans in case he is sacked by Chelsea, sources say, with the manager's representatives investigating the possibility of moving to Paris Saint-Germain or returning to Internazionale.

It would seem that Mourinho's been blackballed from "all other top English and Spanish clubs".  Campaign, campaign everywhere.