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Ramires reflects on last season's injuries, the 7-1, and the Chelsea season so far

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

Ramires Santos do Nascimiento, commonly known as Ramires, or the Blue Kenyan if you're more into nicknames than proper names, has certainly experienced up close and personal more than his fair share of, shall we say interesting results over the past couple years.

"It's hard to speak about that moment. Everyone tried to understand exactly what was happening. I think it's unfair to throw fingers around trying to find a culprit. All of us lost that game and we have to share that weight in equal parts, no matter who was on the pitch at that match. But that doesn't erase the previous achievements of everyone in that group and everything we've conquered beforehand."

From Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany at the World Cup to Chelsea's ridiculously bad results at the start of this season, to even back in 2013-14 when at one point towards the end of the season, he managed to get suspended for seven out of nine Premier League matches, thanks to not only a bit of hot-headedness but tremendously bad refereeing as well (remember, remember, Chris Foy & Aston Villa for example).  To add literal injury to those insults, he managed to miss good portions of our title-winning season with various injuries, which limited him to 29 appearances in all competitions, by far the lowest amount in his five-year Chelsea career.  At least he's now past those injuries.

"Last season was somewhat atypical for me due to the injuries and I suffered a bit at the beginning of the current one with a knee problem, but now I'm completely recovered and I've been able to do the most I can on the pitch. I'm happy to be playing so well, but always focused on getting better. I think it's by having this mindset that you can maintain a good level of play."

In an exclusive interview with ESPN Brasil's Chelsea blog Blue Blood, Ramires adds his voice to the chorus of the non-mutineers, those brave Chelsea souls looking to survive in the stormy seas of illogical results as the football gods turn against us with furious anger and great glee.  Thou shalt not win the Premier League title again!

"It's hard to find a logical explanation as the group remains the same from last season, but the important thing is that we've been working to turn things around. We know we have a great team [...] and we are fighting on the pitch to get Chelsea back to the stability we need to fight for the top of the table, which is what should happen every time."

"There is no mutiny against Mourinho. If you take our last games you will see how everyone is running relentlessly, putting their lives on the line on the pitch, as we say. Whenever we're under bad form, it's only natural that negative speculations will arise, but the whole group isn't paying attention to the outside and we're focused on doing what Mourinho ask us to do and, consequently, help Chelsea to get back on the winning tracks."

We have certainly seen a bit of improving play — Ramires's resurgence as the box-to-box option being a big part of that — but results have yet to stabilize.  But the man who now calls London his "second home" and, as rumored, is in talks for a contract extension with Chelsea, is confident that good things will happen soon.

"I'd like to thank all the support, your support and you can trust me when I say that I'll always give the most I can for Chelsea, to bring happiness to every club supporter in Brazil and around the world who love this shirt. I'm confident that good things will happen to us shortly, we can already see an improvement in the last few games. We hope you keep on supporting us. Thanks for all the support."

-Ramires; source: ESPN Brasil