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Mourinho, Silvino, Chelsea, and West Ham United all charged after Saturday's match

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You get a charge, and you get a charge, and you get a charge ... everybody gets a charge!  (These are in addition to the automatic £25,000 fine levied against Chelsea for collecting 6+ yellow cards.)

Jose Mourinho has been charged with misconduct in relation to his language and/or behaviour towards the match officials in or around the dressing room area at half-time.

Chelsea coach Silvino Louro has also been charged with misconduct in relation to his behaviour which led to his 45th minute dismissal from the technical area.

West Ham have been charged for failing to control their players in the 44th minute of the game and Chelsea have also been charged with the same offence for an alleged breach in the 45th minute of the game.

-source: The FA

I've seen conflicting reports on whether any sanctions received here by the Chelsea manager would automatically trigger his suspended one-match stadium ban.  This latest conflict with the match officials was out of the public eye, unlike his comments about the referee after the Southampton loss.  Perhaps it will partly depend on what Chelsea's and Mourinho's response to the latest charges will be.  The deadline set for all parties to respond is Thursday 6pm local time.

Either way, it's going to be a banner year in The FA's financial department with all these fines flowing in on a regular basis.  Let's hope they do something good with them.

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