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Lineup overhaul, not tweaks, needed for Chelsea

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Defeat at the hands of West Ham leaves all of Chelsea — owner, manager, players, club, and fans — wondering how this season will improve. @LondonBluePod ponder what personnel options might spark change.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

London is Blue is a Chelsea FC podcast from America and covers all things Chelsea. Hosts are @BBBusbee, @DanDormer and @NickVerlaney.

Download episode here.

Stoke City vs. Chelsea F.C.

League Cup


Brandon: Draw.
Dan: 1-0 Chelsea.
Nick: 1-1 Draw.

Chelsea F.C. vs. Liverpool F.C.

English Premier League


Brandon: 1-0 Chelsea.
Dan: 1-1 Draw.
Nick: 0-1 Liverpool.

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