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The Daily Hilario: Metaphor

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Dávid Pásztor

A little under a year and a half ago, I bought some new boots.  They were bright, shiny, and new.  The made me play at least 10% better, if not 1000%.  Jump higher, run faster, shoot harder, the whole shebang.

Those first 12 months were a glorious time.

But recently, since about the summer, strange things have started happening.  The same verve, the same pizzazz just wasn't there anymore.  And then this weekend, the right toe just exploded.  I've never had this happen before in my life.  Unknown, strange territory.

I feel like my boots are a pretty good metaphor.

I guess I better buy some new ones before Chelsea get relegated.

(I've had my eye on the PrimeKnits for a while, anyone try those yet?  Though those are brand new, and I never like to buy these things at full retail price.  Any other (adidas) suggestions?)

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
17.15:  U21 Premier League, 6th vs. 7th:  Manchester City U21 vs. CHELSEA U21
19.30:  La Liga, 17th vs. 15th:  Athletic Bilbao vs. Sporting Gijón
19.45:  Championship, 8th vs. 21st:  Cardiff City vs. Bristol City

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