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Top English, European teams join Real Madrid in Eden Hazard chase — reports

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Tabloid heaven.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It would seem that Eden Hazard has been playing so badly this season that all the top teams in Europe suddenly want to acquire his services.  Who do they think he is, Radamel Falcao?

So, as the latest rumours regarding Real Madrid's interest on the player become front page news and, in turn, Chelsea are reportedly back in the chase for Atlético Madrid's Antoine Griezmann — or maybe even Lionel Messi because why not — now Hazard has gotten himself four new suitors even.  It's all happening!  Busy days at the transfer rumor factory.

Joining Real Madrid in the chase are PSG, Barcelona, Manchester United and Manchester City. What's wrong Bayern?  Not cool enough to join the party?  I'm sure Hazard would enjoy lovely Bavaria very much.

The Sun claims PSG might be working on a £75 million bid for Hazard as well as offering an improvement over the player's current £200,000 per week contract.  This of course is nonsense, just as it was nonsense the last time, the time before, the time before that, and even the time before that.

The Star claims that Manchesters City and United are on the lookout for Hazard: the first based on Vincent Kompany's and Kevin De Bruyne's connection with the Chelsea attacking midfielder from the Belgium national team; the latter due to Manchester United's vice-chairman Ed Woodward's recent declarations that United will be spending more money over next summer, and he might see Hazard as the type of "superstar" they're aiming for. There's also Barcelona, who could see Hazard as a replacement for old man Messi or as leverage for Neymar's new contract negotiations.  Or something.

The Moon claims ... well, there's actually no word on what the Moon claims.  But if the celestial body does end up claiming something about Hazard, too, that might have as much of a chance of coming true as the claims of the other two sources above.

We've heard such stories many times before of course.  Hazard may not be doing too well at the moment, and things certainly aren't the rosiest at Chelsea, but he did just sign a new long-term contract recently.  We adore him (save for a select few who seem incapable of forming long-term memories), he seems to like us well enough, so let's all just get through this malaise together.