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José Mourinho could face further FA sanctions following West Ham antics

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho could be facing further discipline from the FA, according to Sky Sports. Mourinho was sent off at halftime yesterday, when attempting to confront the referee. He then didn't show up for his post-match press conference, which is required of managers following every Premier League match.

The FA had already put forward a hefty fine and a potential stadium ban for Mourinho earlier this month due to his comments on the refereeing in Southampton's post-match interview. The stadium ban can be enforced if the FA sees that Mourinho has once again put the game in disrepute; his behaviour against West Ham could certainly serve as a trigger for said punishment.

This also brings a problem to Chelsea themselves, as the club will have to pay fines not only for the seven yellow cards received by the players on the pitch but also for the staff's media boycott. It's been an awful season for Mourinho, the squad, and the fans, and it's starting to seem like a realistic possibility that managerial shakeup could actually happen.