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Crestfallen Cesar Azpilicueta: 'We had it in our hands'

Not much post-game chatter from the boys in Blue yesterday, either in public, or, presumably, judging by the somber mood in general, on the bus ride back across London.  It was a time to reflect, recover, re-energize.

Gary Cahill put on a brave face for the reporters.  Cesar Azpilicueta, looking absolutely crestfallen, stopped by for a chat with Chelsea TV (preview above; full video here).  Everybody else apparently high-tailed it out of there.  We can't run away from our troubles however.  Heads may or may not roll, but the season definitely rolls on.  Barely time to grab a shower and a bite to eat, let alone recover physically and mentally, before Stoke City and the Britannia look to administer further body-blows on Tuesday in the League Cup.

"The team showed great spirit with 10 men; we were doing well, we had control of the game.  But then we conceded the second goal and we lost what we had in our hands."

"The decisions were always against us.  You know, we try, we try... but we were not able to score a second goal.  We had the control, we were, I think, dominating the game..."

Frustration, bewilderment, disappointment.  Dark days.

"Everybody feels really bad, but we have to come back Tuesday with a win."

When the only other alternative is complete collapse, we must believe better days are ahead.

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