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Cahill on West Ham loss: 'It's a summary of our season'

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

The coaching staff may have boycotted the press right after the West Ham game, but Gary Cahill did brave the post-match bright lights of the TV cameras.  His thoughts perfectly captured what many Chelsea fans must be feeling at the moment following the loss at the Boleyn Ground.

"[The mood in the dressing room] is not great -- like you'd imagine when you lose games. Last season we weren't used to it.

"The lads are devastated.

"You're left scratching you head sometimes. In the first half the [Cesc] Fàbregas goal could have been given, we had the goal that was nearly over the line.

"That sums up the way we're going."

Cahill also spoke about Nemanja Matic's second yellow card that eventually led to his early dismissal, although both faults deserved the type of punishment delivered upon the Serbian midfielder.

"And then we've got the sending off. Originally we played on -- we thought the referee had played on.

"Maybe the assistant called it back, I'm not sure what's happened there.

"We've not had the rub of the green but we're not feeling sorry for ourselves. We have to work hard to turn this round."

One would imagine the environment in the dressing room wouldn't be too good after a heart-crushing loss and according to Gary Cahill, the sound of silence sums up Chelsea's current atmosphere.

"Not many words are being said at the moment. I'm sure we'll reflect in the next day or so.

"We worked really hard at 10 men and had the majority of the play in the second half. It's a summary of our season at the minute."

-Gary Cahill; Source: BBC via Inside Futbol

Chelsea's second half was very promising, with the team looking good despite playing down a man. But while a game like this one last season would probably be at least a draw with us burying chances and having calls on our favour, it looks like our fortunes have taken a turn. All we can do is remain hopeful that the actual play is a sign of things getting back to normal -- or wait for the club to lose their patience with the manager and change it all up again.