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Chelsea staff boycott press after West Ham loss

Clive Rose/Getty Images

After a bizarre, uncharacteristically unlucky (normally they've been straight-up terrible) loss at Upton Park, replete with sendings-offs and bookings, you'd hardly expect Jose Mourinho and his team to be very happy. And your expectations would be correct:

Childish? Yes, of course, and you can expect the book to be thrown at the manager and the club for pulling this sort of stunt. As worrying as the rumours that Mourinho was trying to break into the referee's changing rooms at halftime? Not nearly. But anyway, here we are, mired in the depths of The Season of Doom, sulking our way past the media and generally giving the FA more ammunition to throw at us. A media lockdown would be cool, but why not take cues from Marshawn Lynch rather than cost ourselves even more goodwill.

Wait, do we have any goodwill? Not sure about that.

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